About Me

I was born in Merseburg, a small town in Germany, in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt, located between the larger cities of Halle and Leipzig. After completing high school in Merseburg, I started to work on my associates degree in communication electronics, which I completed in 1998, working for SIEMENS in Leipzig. During that time I got the offer to work for SIEMENS Energy & Automation in the United States and accepted gladly. Thus, in April 1998 I found myself at Heartsfield Airport in Atlanta and a few hours later in a hotel in Alpharetta, about 20 miles north of Atlanta.

Starting as Test Technician, I soon found myself moving on to programming PLC's and HMI's for several automation projects. The largest of these projects, and by means of experience, the most rewarding, was a project to automate 29 hydro power plants across the Tennesse Valley, working for TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority). This work brought me to some very remote, yet gorgeous regions in Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama.

During the fall of 2003 I moved to York, PA to work on two other hydro automation projects, which are now in the final stages of completion. I'm not too impressed with York, to be honest. But there are so many things to do around this area — Baltimore, Philadelphia and Longwood Gardens are all less than 2 hours away. Even Niagra Falls is nearby (less than 6 hours), perfect for a long weekend, or maybe even a short one, if I manage to get up early in the morning (very unlikely!)

Me, at the Grand Canyon