Ten days ago, Bruce Hornsby performed live in Longwood Gardens; in the Open Air Theatre. The concert was absolutely amazing; he is an extremely talented musician and can really captivate the audience with his music and his interactions with the people.

Not only was the concert itself a remarkable event, but the evening was absolutely perfect for an open air concert; a nice late summer evening with mild temperatures in the absolutely gorgeous environment of Longwood Gardens.

Thankfully, the security personnel permitted still photography; you can find the pictures in the picture gallery.


I reworked BitCalc to include IPv4 address conversion and found a fix for an integer handling problem in Delphi. Also, I removed the 'unofficial' PathSync site.


A new official version of PathSync has been released by Cockos, including all the changes I made, as well as several other minor bugfixes and enhancements. Even though the official change log doesn't mention it, all my changes are included, the source code even retained all of my comments. Therefore I have updated my PathSync page and removed the link to my modified version. In the near future, the PathSync page will be completely removed from this site.


Now let me get this straight — the FBI lets four innocent people rot in prison for a murder which they didn't commit. Two of them die in prison. The FBI calls it 'acceptable collateral damage'. That is the same organization requesting more and more powers to monitor mine (and yours!!!) telephone conversations, internet conversations, banking transactions and every other possible piece of information, claiming that they can be trusted...

Here is an alternative article about the same topic, in case the above link doesn't work.


I finally managed to put a few pictures from my vacation in my gallery. More to come (I think — ). May I also point your attention to the last two pictures in the Bryce Canyon gallery? You will find the rare and endangered species "Trabbi", also known as "Pappe" (official name in East Germany: "Trabant"), a perfect example of the superior craftmanship and engineering skills of East German car manufacturers. A whopping 26 hp coming from a 36 cci two–stroke engine, stuffed in a fortified cardboard box. And it only took 10 to 15 years to have it delivered, once it was ordered (seriously!).


While shopping at CircuitCity today I picked up a new 4GB USB flash drive, since I was constantly running out of room on my older 512MB. It's a Sandisk U3 capable drive, so of course I was playing around with the U3 functionality and tried to figure out a way to make my own U3 program. After lots of research (www.u3.com is not really helpful, since for their "free" developers kit they'd like you to give them a ton of personal information and I wasn't really in any mood to make something up...). After abusing Google for 2 hours or so I finally had all the information together and deceided to make a U3 version of BitCalc. It's ready for download now.


I need more vacation! Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yosimite and San Francisco in less than three weeks. It has been fun, but trying to squeeze so many locations into a tight schedule is tough! What's worse... sorting through thousands of pictures. It's extremly hard to imagine to deal with a film camera.


Have my comments about '1984' been so wrong? Two news stories just made my day...


I wonder if George W. ever walks through "his" town? Maybe he will sometime come across this stone wall in a little park in Washington, D.C.:

wash_dc_war.jpg, 33 kB


Another soccer mom on her quest to fight evil in this world. Will she succeed or will the Georgia Board of Education foil her plans for world peace and continue it's evil influence on innocent children??! An exciting real–life story, only to be found in Politics.


A new version of my Bit Logic Calculator is available. I added a Byte/kByte/MByte/GByte/TByte conversion tool.


Two days ago, U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit ruled that the wiretapping without a FISA warrant violates the costitution. Ironically, this ruling comes one day after George W. Bush visited the Harley–Davidson factory here in York. More in my new section, Politics.


I was too lazy to update this site in a while...
A few pictures from New York City have been added, more to come soon, once I manage to go through all the photographs. Also, another music recommendation has been added. Hope you like it!


My first section with photographs from a trip to Washington, D.C. is online.


My section with Music recommendations is now open. Here I'll try to introduce some of the records I like to listen to. Maybe you can find something there as well?


I finally have my own domain online. So far, not too many pages are available. I wanted to try a new design, based on CSS and with less graphics, but easier to read. Currently, I'm still experimenting, so the layout might change frequently until I'm happy with it.

Also, a new version of Bit Logic Calculator is released. Release 1.4 adds 3 new buttons, which can be used to toggle the LSB indication between '0' and '1'. As usual, the program can be found in the software section.